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We stock all types of shoes such as casual, formal as well as school shoes. Walk into our store to browse the large variety of brands of children’s shoes we have to offer.
Opened in 2009, store offers exclusive shoes from babies to young adults. By offering a number of exclusive brands in our store, we are giving parents and children a wide choice of styles. We not only stock school shoes, but we also have trainers, sandals, boots, slippers and wellingtons. Find the shoes in the our store, that will make your child happy. As professional shoe fitters, they are able to identify the right fit for young as well as adolescent children. They also have the skill and the knowledge to fit children with special orthopaedic needs. We fit all types of footwear to all types of feet. We ensure your children receive well-fitted shoes when you come to us. We also stock specialised shoes such as dancewear, ballet wear, jazz wear and more.
The shoes are always fitted excellently!

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