from Data to Information

Our Tools and Applications as well as third party components work together with a technological  homogeneous context, so that in case of 'Big Data'  the Enterprise Plattform - Solutions can identify and evaluate new Data-Patterns through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- Mechanisms. 

We develop new Classes of stochastic Simulators as well as Solutions for Design and Engineering of Control Systems for different research centers.


It represents a new class of stochastic simulators. A concrete class of such simulators are those used in nuclear physics, the user being in the position of configuring himself the different use cases under study, in other words, the different kind of reactions, transitions and decay processes, which will be simulated.

Through the graphical user interface, one can define the initial values of different physical entities (nominal mass, mass width, proper life time, decay mode, etc.) as well as the type of interactions within transitions, event multiplicity, decay tables, type of processes transitions are involved with.

Using the Transition-Diagrams and any combination of them one can model different kind of nuclear process, described by the standard model.