from Data to Information

Our Tools and Applications as well as third party components work together with a technological  homogeneous context, so that in case of 'Big Data'  the Enterprise Plattform - Solutions can identify and evaluate new Data-Patterns through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- Mechanisms. 

We develop new Classes of stochastic Simulators as well as Solutions for Design and Engineering of Control Systems for different research centers.

Main focus of our Consultancy

  • Our technological expertise lies with both in

    Technology projects:
           - Enterprise Platform Solutions / own Frame Works / Tools;
           - Integration of GRID / CLOUD Functionality;
           - Making research infrastructures technologically unified;
           - Modernization and development of new applications;
           - Migration and optimization of databases;
           - Performance analysis and tuning;


         Technology Consultancy:
              - Support for the introduction of new technologies;
              - Project support (architecture, quality asurance, management, it-audit);

  • Our technology options available to you at a glance:

              - Java and all technologies from the JEE-Stack (JPA, JMS, JConnector, JTA, MDB, EJB);

              - Web-technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, JSP, JSF);

              - Web-Services (SOA, REST)

              - C/C++;

              - Assembly 8086;

             - SQL databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server);