from Data to Information

Our Tools and Applications as well as third party components work together with a technological  homogeneous context, so that in case of 'Big Data'  the Enterprise Plattform - Solutions can identify and evaluate new Data-Patterns through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- Mechanisms. 

We develop new Classes of stochastic Simulators as well as Solutions for Design and Engineering of Control Systems for different research centers.


The benefits of students performing the internship in our organization are:

  • Work contract for the duration of the internship
  • Training with technologies used in our company
  • Training regarding the quality management system defined and implemented in our company
  • Experiencing all phases of the software development process
  • Performance assessment at the end of the internship

A long term collaboration based on the result of the final assessment will be considered.

Available positions for 2015
  • 3 positions for software development using Java technologies

Requirements for these positions:

  • Good knowledge of OOP principles
  • Good knowledge of UML
  • Experience with TDD
  • Good knowledge and experience with the technologies defined in the internship portfolio
  • Good knowledge regarding SQL-databases
  • English medium/advanced
  • German is a plus

Deadline for applications: 29.05.2015

Selection ends:                   05.06.2015

Internship period:              01.07.2015 – 31.08.2015

Please apply using the email address: