from Data to Information

Our Tools and Applications as well as third party components work together with a technological  homogeneous context, so that in case of 'Big Data'  the Enterprise Plattform - Solutions can identify and evaluate new Data-Patterns through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- Mechanisms. 

We develop new Classes of stochastic Simulators as well as Solutions for Designing and Engineering Control Systems for different research centers.


We offer our clients dedicated and yet general enough Enterprise Software-Platform Solutions to easily and cost-effectively connect future components and applications into these middleware-solutions.

Our own tools, applications, and these from third party providers interact technologically homogeneous, so that in the case of 'Big Data' through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- mechanisms the Enterprise Platform - can identify and evaluate new Data Patterns.

The new classes of Stochastic Simulators as well as topologicaly based Solutions for Designing and Engineering Control Systems are only a part of our practice areas.

We are also in the fields 'Customer Oriented Solutions' and 'IT-Audit' very active and contribute through our consultants to the project and customer success.