from Data to Information

Our Tools and Applications as well as third party components work together with a technological  homogeneous context, so that in case of 'Big Data'  the Enterprise Plattform - Solutions can identify and evaluate new Data-Patterns through 'Data Mining'- or 'Fuzzy'- Mechanisms. 

We develop new Classes of stochastic Simulators as well as Solutions for Design and Engineering of Control Systems for different research centers.

Consultancy principles

As experts we provide you with an experienced team of computer scientists!

Make your outsourcing successful and reduce your IT costs, that is our goal!

Design and implement your software landscape with Technologically Unified Platform Solutions for a complete compatibility with future applications which will be easy and fast to install, that is our mission!

Enlarge your research infrastructure with new classes of simulators / emulators and topologically based driver generators, this is the future! Where we now are a part of it!

We venture one step even further, turning the consultancy principles into the real modelling and implementation of the proposed solutions !